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Drilling Engineering

Drilling Engineering


Drilled holes are characterized by their sharp edge on the entrance side and the presence of burrs on the exit side. Also, the inside of the hole usually has helical feed marks. Drilling may affect the mechanical properties of the workpiece by creating low residual stresses around the hole opening and a very thin layer of highly stressed and disturbed material on the newly formed surface. This causes the workpiece to become more susceptible to corrosion and crack propagation at the stressed surface. A finish operation may be done to avoid these detrimental conditions.


drilling services

This section includes many services that are used during drilling of various oil wells, such as drilling fluid, measuring while drilling, drilling bits and mud logging which they are subjected to the different technology .In which technology plays an important role in its development day after day to facilitate its use and obtain more accurate results.


Drilling and exploration have never been more challenging. Drilling equipment must operate in harsher and more remote environments than ever before, the services companies are on hand to assist with equipment purchases suitable for your environment to drill oil or gas wells.