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Integrety Opertation Engineering

Integrety Opertation Engineering


As the name suggests, integrity engineers bear great responsibilities. They deal with risk management including the corrosion and other threats in the pipeline lifecycle. Technical Toolboxes delivers accurate pipeline encroachment, corrosion, remaining strength, remaining life, and other calculations with exceptional speed and reliability. The Technical Toolboxes solution helps integrity engineers determine pipeline conditions and maintain the highest levels of quality, productivity, and safety.

Corrosion Cathodic Protection

Cathodic protection is often used to mitigate corrosion damage to active metal surfaces. It is used all over the globe to protect pipelines, water treatment plants, above and underwater storage tanks, ship and boat hulls, offshore production platforms, reinforcement bars in concrete structures and piers, and more. A Cathodic system is often used to protect steel from corrosion. Corrosion is caused when two dissimilar metals are submerged in an electrolytic substance such as water, soil, or concrete.